You are a streamer

  1. Download & install ChatGuessr
  2. Log in using your Twitch bot account.
    Using a bot account is recommended for security and to prevent your main account's whispers from filling up
  3. Open the settings by clicking ⚙️ or typing
  4. Go to Twitch connect
  5. Fill in your Twitch channel name
  6. Click Save
    ...The bot should now be talking in your chat. Your chatguessr link will be generated. (e.g.:<yourBot>)

Can't login via Facebook or Google ?

ChatGuessr doesn't handle social logins for now, you have to use the native Geoguessr login page. If you're used to login via Facebook or Google, you probably don't have any password yet.

To fix that, click "Forgot my password", then fill in the email address linked to your Facebook/Google account.

You will receive a mail to set a proper Geoguessr password.

Then, you will be able to connect via the native Geoguessr page with your email and your new password.

You are a viewer

All you need is a Twitch account, no GeoGuessr account required.

  1. Get the map link from the streamer (usually !cg)
  2. Login with your Twitch account
  3. Make your guess on the map
  4. Press guess or plonk the space bar
  5. That's it ! Your guess will be displayed on the scoreboard

The classic way

  1. Get the map link from the streamer (usually !cg)
  2. Make your guess on the map
    The command is automatically copied to your clipboard
  3. Paste
    the whole command in chat without editing
    (e.g. /w streamer !g 3.172037, 113.041666)
  4. ...Your guess will be displayed on the scoreboard

Commands :

!cg : Get the map link

!me : Get your stats

!best : Get the best stats of the channel

!flag <country> | random | none : Set a flag
(country name in english or country code. List of available flags here).

!clear : Clear your stats

Live streams

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